Personal training at

Oslo PT Studio with Bart

Results from our services include:

Fat reduction, muscle increase and better health.

What is included in our PT services?


You will learn/get:

  • A meal plan, so you know exactly what to do, no guess work!

  • When to eat your food 

  • How much to eat

  • How to track your food intake for the best results


You will receive:

  • 1 on 1 training with a PT for the best workouts and motivation!

  • Daily, weekly and monthly workout plans

  • Homework exercises 

How long do we work together?

  • You and your PT will set a goal together

  • You and your PT will also set an end date to reaching that goal

  • Once you have reached your goal together with your PT, we will help you find new goals until you are absolutely satisfied with what you have achieved

50% sale on Personal Training sessions with Bart will only happen once this year*

*This offer is only for personal training with Bart

Norway is living in a strange time now that Corona has influenced all of us. We strongly believe as Oslo PT Studio that your health and fitness is extremely important. We want to make everyone residing in Oslo to be able to get affordable and top level personal training.

This is why we are doing this special 50% deal, a deal we have never done before!

We are located at Majorstuen, Fridtjof Nansensvei 14.

Phone: 902 90 920


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  8 klipp …. Kr 4 360,-
16 klipp …. Kr 8 480,-
32 klipp …. Kr 16 480,-

8 klipp …. Kr 6 760,-
16 klipp …. Kr 13 280,-
32 klipp …. Kr 26 080,-

   8 klipp …. Kr 9 560,-
 16 klipp …. Kr 18 880,-
 32 klipp …. Kr 37 280,-

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